35 Driveer/Operator Receives their First Traffic Code Orientation

The abilities and right attitude of the driver/operator affect how efficiently they accomplish their jobs and responsibilities. On March 30, 2022, the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Caraga (NIA-Caraga) held a Capability Training for Drivers/Operators and other Equipment Personnel at the Pavillion in Butuan City to ensure that they have the necessary skills in carrying out their roles and functions, as well as a positive attitude and commitment to their job and loyalty to the agency.

The 1st batch orientation, attended by 35 participants, focuses on NIA Policies and Guidelines RA 6713-Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees and the Review of RA 4136-Land Transportation and Traffic Code, presented by Mr. Lino M. España, Jr., MPA, OIC Chief of the Operations Division—Department of Transportation—Land Transportation Office Caraga (DOTr-LTO Caraga).

June Nathaniel S. Plaza, NIA Caraga Regional Manager, stated in his message that driver orientation is critical to their profession since they transport passengers to their destinations and their safety is in their hands. He added that it is important that drivers learn road courtesy, markings and other important disciplines in driving.

DOTr-LTO Caraga OIC-Regional Director, PCol. Joel R. Consulata, MSCD informed the participants that renewal of a license is an easy process if we follow the requirements and instructions. He stated that you only pay what is stated on the official receipt. The agency is trying to eradicate fixers in processing the driver’s license; he quoted that "fixers will not be eliminated if the clients/customers still patronize their assistance."


**For questions and/or clarifications, you may contact:

June Nathaniel S. Plaza, Acting Regional Manager
Atty. Reggie T. Mag-usara, Attorney IV
Jane B. Huqueriza, PRO

Office/Region: NIA Caraga Region
E-mail: r13@nia.gov.ph
Contact Information: (085) 815-2602