Lakbay aral delegates conducted re-echo seminar

The technology tour led by Acting Regional Manager June Nathaniel S. Plaza together with the selected NIA Caraga delegates helped them become acquainted with the international standard and its key components that aid the project at various stages, and this critical information must be conveyed to the NIA Caraga personnel.

On May 25-26, 2022, NIA Caraga held a Re-echo Seminar-Workshop of the Jalaur River Multi-purpose Project II (JRMP II) Best Practices, Initiatives, and Success Stories for Construction Management Plan, Methodology Statement, Institutional Development, Water Management, Environmental and Social Diligence, Information, Education, and Communication at the Balanghai Hotel and VCDU Convention in Butuan City. The two-day seminar-workshop aims to disseminate best practices that the region could use to improve its implementation in construction and other areas.

According to RM Plaza, “the implementation of the new methodology and application of forms is only the beginning of the obstacles, but as we practice and undertake a series of trainings, these approaches will become second nature to us”.

The activity was attended by IMO Managers, Assistant IMO Managers, System Heads, Project-Incharge, Institutional Development Officers, Designated Info Officers, and Environmental Focal Persons of the region.


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June Nathaniel S. Plaza, Acting Regional Manager
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