Memorandum Circular No. 39, series 2009 PDF icon mcNo_39s2009.pdf

Citizens’ Charter of the National Irrigation Administration


Filing of Complaint at NIA Central Office Committee on Discipline PDF icon ccFilingofComplaint.pdf

Filing of Complaint at NIA-Central Office Committee of Discipline (COD)



1. Request for Water Delivery
2. Payment of IA share/incentive (For IAs under Type II SSM Stage II turn over)
3. Request for minor Rehabilitation/Restoration of existing Irrigation Systems

1.    Request for Water  Delivery 1.   Request for Water Delivery 1 Submit request ( noted by IA president) for water delivery Receives and records request:      
                A) If w/o pending accounts,     endorse to Chief of Office for approval ( proceed to step 4 ) 15 Minutes No Fees WRFT
  2.    Official receipt as evidence of Current Billing             B) If with pending accounts, advices client to pay accounts. 15 Minutes No Fees  WRFT
    2 Pays pending account to NIA Cashier Process payments and issues Official  Receipt 5 Minutes No Fees Cashier/deputized collector
    3 Submits O.R to Billing Clerk Receives and endorses request to IMO Manager/Authorized rep. for approval 5 Minutes No Fees Billing Clerk
    4 Approves request for Water Delivery 5 Minutes   No Fees DM/ Authorized Representative
    5 Receives request for Water Delivery Advices WRFT to release water to concerned IA/ Farmer 5 Minutes   No Fees DM/ Authorized Representative
    6   Releases water to concerned IA/ farmer 10 Minutes   No Fees WRFT
    7 Acknowledge water delivery service Checks water delivery to the farmer’s field. 1 hour ( within 1 km from head gate)   No Fees WRFT
2.        Payment of IA share/incentive   ( For IAs     under Type II SSM stage II turn over) 1.        IA request 1 IA’s submit request for payment of IA share/incentive Receives & records request and forward same to WRFT’s 5 Minutes   No Fees Receiving / Records Clerk
   2.      IA Remittance List 2 Advice to wait if documents are complete / correct or not. Review / evaluate and request as to completeness of supporting papers. If found complete advise client  to come back after 5 working days , if incomplete, advice client to complete supporting documents and submit same ASAP. 1 hour   No Fees WRFT
  3.      IA Collection Report 3   Review documents as to mathematical computations per MC’s/ policies 2 hours   No Fees WRFT
    4   Forward to RIO for RIM’s action and endorses to Field Office acted request  5 working days   No Fees WRFT/IS/Clerk
    5   Receives acted request 2 Minutes   No Fees Clerk
    6   Prepare & Obligates disbursement voucher for payment 30 Minutes   No Fees Accounting Processor
    7   Approved Voucher 5 Minutes   No Fees Chief of Office
    8 After 6 working days, return to claim payment; issues IA O.R. Releases check and Receives IA O.R evidence of payment 10 Minutes   No Fees NIA Cashier
a)       Paid to the NIA Collector/WRFT at the Field 1.    Water Bill Statement of Account 1 Presents Bill / Statement of Account Receives Bill / Statement of Accounts 2 Minutes   No Fees WRFT
    2   Checks & verifies account name and Account Number 5 Minutes   No Fees WRFT
    3 Pays to Bill Collector/ WRFT Processes payment and issues Official Receipt, applying payment as back or current or both 10 Minutes   No Fees WRFT/ NIA Cashier
    4 Waits for Bill Collector to Release the O.R Release Official Receipt to client 2 Minutes   No Fees WRFT/ NIA Cashier
    5 Receives original O.R Stamped PAID statement of Account. 5 Minutes   No Fees  
    6   WRFT renders  report of collection and remits same to NIA Cashier     No Fees  
    7   NIA Cashier acknowledges receipts by signing Remittance Form and keeps collection inside vault. 5 Minutes   No Fees NIA Cashier
    8   Billing Clerks posts payment in irrigation Fee registry 5 Minutes   No Fees Billing Clerk
3.        Request for minor Rehabilitation/ Restoration of existing Irrigation Systems 1. IA Resolution 1 Submits letter request / IA Resolution Receives and records letter request and forward to RIM/ Technical Personnel 10 Minutes   No Fees Receiving Clerk
  2.        If with funding counterpart from LGU, LGU endorsement, LGU Board Resolution, LGU Certificate of Fund Availability. 2 Accompanies/Guides NIA Technical staff in inspection of facilities   Conducts ocular inspection with IA members of irrigation facilities for rehab. 1 Day   No Fees PIO Planning Engr. Survey personnel
    3   Prepares Indicative POW for fund sourcing 1 to 3 Days   No Fees PIO Planning Engr.
    4   Submits Project listing to RIO for fund sourcing 2 Days   No Fees PIO Planning Engr. Admin. Clerk
    5   Conducts survey on existing irrigation facilities for repair/ rehab 5 Days   No Fees Planning Engr. Survey Personnel
    6   Plots Survey 2 to 5 Days   No Fees Plotting Personnel
    7   Design and monitor Irrigation facilities 2-5 Days   No Fees Field Office Design Engr.
    8   Submits plan and design to RIO for review and approval 1 Day   No Fees Field Office Design Engr/PIO/RIO design Engr.
    9   Approves plans and design for preparation of final POW at field office 15 Minutes   No Fees RIM
    10   Release document  to IMO               10 Minutes   No Fees Admin Clerk
    11   Prepares Final POW 2 – 5 Days   No Fees Construction Engr
    12 Convene BAC and Conduct Bidding Prepares Memorandum of Agreement 3 Hours   No Fees NIA/ IA/Contractor
    13 Attend Pre – Construction Conference and sign Memorandum of Agreement Conduct and Attend Pre – Construction Conference and ratify Memorandum of Agreement 1 Day   No Fees IMO , Asst. IMO, IDO, IA , NIA IDO
    14 Participate on construction activities   ( IA Counterpart ) Mobilize construction works 2 - 6 Months   No Fees NIA / IA Contractor
    15 Attend and sign Documents for Project Turn - Over Turn – over completed facilities to LGU and IA. 1Day   No Fees NIA/IA BOD/LGU

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